If you are not familiar with Snapchat geofilters, they are a feature within the Snapchat app that is powered by the user's location. Based on their location, they are able to use different filters that display an event name or company logo. With a filter, users can show friends where and what they are doing in realtime.

The value

In addition to filters being a fun addition to an event, they can also be valuable marketing tool for restaurants, brands and organizations. Snapchat filters help you gain visibility amongst your target demographic, engage with current and potential customers, and contribute to your brands marketing strategy or fundraising goals.

Snapchat has become THE new way millennials share pictures and videos of what they're doing and who they are with. According to Mashable, 77% of college students use Snapchat at least once per day. If you are a brand trying to connect with the millennial demographic and you are not using Snapchat, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity.

Having a filter for your store or event allows anyone at your location/event to share moments emblazoned with your company's name and logo. The average Snapchat user has 100 followers on the app. If your filter is used 100 times (low estimate of usage) over the course of 4 hours, it will garner a minimum of 10,000 views. The real value is that the people viewing the Snapchat are most likely of the same demographic as the person at your location sending the picture. This is the person you want to get your name in front of.

Take the pictures below as an example of the value a Snapchat filter creates:

A normal Snapchat photo, left, and one with a custom event filter, right.

If a friend sent you the picture on the left, there is no context so you take the picture for what it is, people wearing masks. But when the same picture is shared with the custom event filter, on the right, it becomes much more interesting. It gives the viewer context of what is going on and the chance to engage: "What is the 'FIDF Purim Party' my friend is at? It looks fun, I should look into it." Snapchat users love to share what they are doing with their followers. A custom event filter allows your attendees to market your brand in a natural unobtrusive way to their friends. 

After your event, we will send metrics detailing how many times the filter was used and viewed. The statistics below are from the filter created for the FIDF Purim Party on March 17th. The filter cost the organization $100 and was used 161 times over the course of 5 hours and had 11,768 views. The event director was ecstatic about the usage and visibility gained by the organization. They were able to engage with potential donors in a way never before possible.

At the low cost per impression using a custom Snapchat filter is a no brainer for companies and organizations. We expect to see the usage of custom filters explode as companies look for ways to connect with potential customers and build brand awareness. 

What are you waiting for? We want to create a custom filter for you! Email us at order@mysnapfilter.com to get started.



A custom Snapchat filter can also be very beneficial to restaurants and bars. Take Vino's Bar & Grill in Charleston, WV, for example. Vino's is located downtown near the University of Charleston. The managers at Vino's were looking for a way to attract more university students to the bar. A custom filter allowed Vino's to engage directly with the types of customers they wanted at their bar. Many of their current customers were already sending Snapchats to friends so they didn't have to go out of their way to use the Vino's logo. It was a perfect way for Vino's to show their target demographic how much fun was being had at their location. Thousands of potential customers received photos and videos from friends at Vino's with their logo emblazoned on them. 

Over the course of a weekend, the filter was used 346 times by bar patrons. Those 346 photos/videos were sent around campus and generated 22,555 views. Those views are exponentially more valuable than a pop-up ad because the potential customer is receiving the message from their trusted friend.

What are you waiting for? We want to create a custom filter for your restaurant or bar! Email us at order@mysnapfilter.com to get started.