Birthday Champagne Snapchat Filter

BP01 Birthday-Champagne-Mock(w).png
BP01 Birthday-Champagne-Mock(w).png

Birthday Champagne Snapchat Filter


Elegant geofilter design for any birthday or celebration. Matching the gold and glitter title, a pair of champagne glasses complement the design. 

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- Text can be customized to your specific message, color, and size.
- We will do our best to accommodate any additional requests for customization. 

After your order is placed,
1) One of our associates will reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm the start of your order. 
2) We'll provide a draft design for your review to make any necessary changes.
3) Submission to Snapchat is included; however, please note that additional charges may apply if the total coverage area for your event is greater than $5.00.

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