Snapchat News: August 2017 Update

Snapchat may move into scripted content, which would help further diversify it’s product offering in the content media space. On Wed (Aug. 23), Snapchat’s head of content, Nick Bell, mentioned (via Variety) that Snapchat was likely to push into scripted content via its Snapchat Shows by the end of 2017. Snapchat views its Snapchat offshoot shows to “The Voice” and “The Bachelor” as a way to boost and strengthen viewership for already popular television shows (vs. take away viewership). The Company may also venture into its own original scripted content, which while costly, could be another strategic play to further increase viewership and engagement within the app. Having more offerings like this would help it compete with Facebook and Google to build confidence from its advertising partners. 

Snapchat has been hit hard by investors since becoming a public company. The camera company has placed a longer term bet to capture more of the younger demographic segments compared to Facebook, and initial signs are promising. According to a recent eMarketer report, there is a rising trend of more teens and tweens using Snapchat and Instagram more in the coming years. In contract, Facebook’s "monthly user base among the marketer-coveted 12 to 17 age group will fall 3.4% vs. 2016 to 14.5 million people - the second consecutive year of expected usage declines…”. 

Another sign that publishers are taking notice is the traction that Snapchat is seeing with news publishers. NBC News has had early success with its twice-daily show, “Stay Tuned”, which had 29M+ unique viewers in just its first month. Following suit on their success, CNN has also launched its own news show on the social platform Wednesday, which will feature select news stories from its news anchor and reporting team from across the world. This is another example of publishers adopting shorter form content to help complement its current television shows. 

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